Rajinikanth website runs without internet! Not a joke

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All about Rajinikanth website
Bangalore, Jan 21: This is not to become one among the Rajinikanth jokes, but it's real. A website has been launched to honor, larger than-life, Indian film superstar that runs without an internet connection. Yes. You read it right.

www.allaboutrajni.com, is developed by Webchutney's creative director Gurbaksh Singh. As soon as visitors log onto this particular website, they get to read message that says, "He is no ordinary man, this is no ordinary website. It runs on Rajini Power." To proceed further into this specially designed website, the consumers must disconnect the internet connection as stated on the website. [Read: Kolaveri Di: Rajinikanth's son-in-law lures Cong, BJP to fight]

Once, visitors disconnect internet connectivity from their systems, it takes to another screen that greets with a local Chennai-Tamil slang, which is an informal term to address a buddy, reads, 'Aye Macha'. [Read: Rajinikanth gives Rs 10 lakh to Jayalalithaa]

As the website is devoted to south India's Thalaivar, Rajinikanth, it carries the all information related to him. Having included, Rajini's life story, inside scoops and best Rajini jokes on internet. Overall it's all about Rajini, only.

The site designed in such a way to keep the morale of the visitors high throughout one's stay. With vibrant combinations of colour, foot tapping music, it welcomes consumers with funny quotes and illustrations, and other features making a mere resemblance to Rajini style as it sets visitors-on-a-joy-browse. Thus, it comprises all the elements to be hit amongst Rajini fans.

When mischief visitors tries to defy the basic rule of this Rajini website by reconnecting the internet, they happen to meet with a humorous error message that read, "Aiyyo! That was unexpected. To keep browsing, switch off your internet."

When asked Gurbaksh Singh on the kind of response from people he said, "The website has received a phenomenal response and has gone viral with several thousand hits and counting, along with innumerable shares and mentions across the web, especially on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter."

"After a few iterations and testing, we cracked the code required to build the world's first website that runs without the internet - a website that runs offline - which is as awesome and unbelievable as miracles and stunts associated or performed by Rajni himself," he added.

After all Rajinikanth, has just become another brand in India that sells like hot cakes.

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