Naxal leader turns India's Gaddafi with female bodyguards

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Muammar Gaddafi with female bodyguards
Hyderabad, Jan 20: It seems that a naxal leader, who is known as Mohammed Nayeemuddin, has been impressed by the slain Libyan dictator - Mummar Gaddafi. Following Gaddafi, Nayeemuddin also has started taking security from female bodyguards. While the Libyan leader used to have seven female bodyguards, the naxal leader reportedly has only four women bodyguards.

Investigating into a murder case, Andhra Pradesh police had nabbed a person who has been identified as Anil alias Nagesh. While interrogating Nagesh, the arrested man informed that he (Nagesh) confessed that he received the murder contract from the naxal leader - Nayeemuddin.

Describing the incident about his first meeting with Nayeemuddin, Nagesh said that he was blind-folded and driven for over an hour in a four-wheeler to reach an undisclosed location in the city. Later Nagesh saw Nayeemuddin surrounded by four female bodyguards wearing military fatigues and their faces were covered with scarves.

Here it can be recalled that with the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, who was ruling Libya since Sep 1, 1969, interesting reports about his personal life started to appear in different medias. According to a report, Gaddafi's female bodyguards were compelled to undergo Female Genital Cutting!

Gaddafi wanted his bodyguards to be virgin and never tolerated them falling in love with other males. The report added that at least five 'Killer Beauties' were killed for having a relationship with male members of the Gaddafi guards. [Read: 'Sex addicted' Gaddafi sent female bodyguards to hospitals]

The Libyan leader used to sleep with 8 of the members of his female bodyguards, two sharing bed with him and other 6 guarding him. It's learned that members of the 'Sweet 72' were asked to stay nude while guarding him in bedroom.

Gaddafi and his sweet female guards were having sexual medicines to boost their energy in bed. Though by rotation, all Killer Beauties were having sex with Gaddafi, he never allowed them conceive a child.

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