Despite Fatwa, Surya Namaskar up to set Guinness Book record

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Surya Namaskar
Bangalore, Jan 12: In 2003 Kazakhstan performed a mass aerobics demonstration that saw a total of 48, 45, 098 participates across the country in multi-locations, setting a Guinness book record. Madhya Pradesh that aimed to beat the current record, carried out a mass Surya Namaskar exercise around the state, despite agitations from minorities.

According to the latest reports, around 10 million people took part in mass Surya Namaskara, that included 50 lakh school students.

If equated the scale of participates between Madhya Pradesh and Kazakhstan, the numbers are very clear. Madhya Pradesh had cracked the Kazakhstan record in mass excersie demonstration.

Madhya Pradesh CM, Shivraj Singh Chauhan, carried out the drill despite criticism from Opposition and minorities.

Muslim leaders taking a step forward, a day before proposed mass aerobics, they issued Fatwa against Surya Namaskara to show their dissent, as they compared it with idol worship. Meanwhile, Opposition termed this as part of saffron agenda.

However, interestingly, Congress candid leader, Digvijay Singh, came out in support of Surya Namaskara plan, though he slammed rivalry BJP, RSS, he tweeted, "Match Fixing between BJP/RSS and Jamiat Islami over Surya Namaskar issue in MP. Surya Namaskar is a Yogic excercise unconnected with Religon."

Arrangements across the state were made to see maximum participation in the event. Thus, on Thursday, Jan 12 about 50 lakh students and the same number of school officials and government officers indulged in Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)

Reportedly many Muslim students also took part in this record setting aerobics demonstration undermining Islamic leaders' Fatwa rule. In Bhopal CM Chouhan performed Surya Namaskar at government Naveen Higher Secondary school.

Following the foul cry from different quarters, Mahdya Pradesh CM, made it clear that it was not mandatory to participate but people had an option to stay out of this landmark event.

Now, authorities concerned will collect the exact number of participates with evidences and other related documents within a week. Later, that would be forwarded to the Guinness book authorities in a month's time.

The Fatwa against Surya Namaskar kicked off a wide range of ragging debate that saw hundreds of fuming tweets after the declaration by Muslim leader.

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