'We are fighting for Govt's Lokpal from not being passed'

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Arvind Kejriwal
New Delhi, Jan 6: With Team Anna's anti-corruption campaign hitting a roadblock following Anna Hazare's ill-health, they had to call off the jail bharo campaign and the campaign in poll-bound states. With obvious lack of direction on what to do next, Team Anna has turned to the janta to suggest the next course of action.

Key Team Anna member, Arvind Kejriwal in an article written in the Times of India said, "The anti-corruption movement is at the crossroads today. Where do we go from here? We are conscious that a wrong decision at this stage could prove disastrous for the movement."

Kejriwal also mentioned how Anna felt cheated over the developments since the last few days. He also wrote in the article, "I met Anna in hospital two days back. Most of the time, I found him in deep thought. More than his physical ailment, he is suffering from a deep sense of being cheated. He is deeply hurt."

Team Anna was hurt at the false promises made by the government to them and how their suggestion was not incorporated in the Bill that was tabled before the Parliament. He opined on the same, "The Bill that was presented in Parliament is not only weak and ineffective, it is dangerous and would further weaken our already compromised anti-corruption systems. It renders CBI ineffective. It seeks to amend the investigative procedures provided in the Criminal Procedure Code so much to the advantage of the accused that it would be impossible to successfully convict anyone. Earlier, we were fighting for a strong Lokpal Bill. Today, we are fighting for stopping this one from being passed."

Kejriwal disclosed that the government and Team Anna were involved in backchannel talks in December. He added that the govt changed its stands and pointed fingers at them for making the Congress weal electorally. He wrote on the same in the newspaper article that said, "If any people's movement can't hurt them electorally, they don't care. That's dangerous."

On allegations that Team Anna was anti-Congress and was instrumental in ensuring Cong's defeat in the Hisar by elections, Kejriwal defended the campaign and said, "haven't we been pushed to the corner? We are certainly not anti-Congress. Why should we be? All those who were looking for a hidden agenda have miserably failed."

Kejriwal also clarified that there were no plans to make the campaign political and ruled out chances of floating a political party. He, however requested people to suggest what to do in the coming days in terms of the campaign and said, "The people should now suggest the way ahead. Send your suggestions to iacsuggestions@gmail.com."

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