Poisoning affects: France urges removal of breast implants

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London, Dec 23: French authorities have urged 30,000 women to remove their faulty breast implants to avoid any grave medical reactions. Taking a step forward, it has even offered money to get implants removed that may eventually lead to cancer.

However, the government has set an eligibility criteria that says the scheme will only cover the removal of breast implants for those who had the implants as part of reconstructive surgery after breast cancer.

Last year, the implants produced by a French firm, Poly Implant Prothese was banned after it was found that the product contained a non-medical grade silicone filler.

The UK medicines watchdog has said, "there is no need for women with PIP implants to have them removed. However, anyone with concerns should contact their surgeon or clinic." It is learnt that as many as some 40,000 women in UK had breast implants. Now that's desperate.

The French Health Ministry voiced similar concerns over PIP implants saying that there were "well-established risks of ruptures."

Health Minister Xavier Bertrand urged French women to have the implants removed as a "preventive measure", but said that it was not "urgent".

That remembers the poisonous effect of silicon filler. Early this year, a surgically upgraded Israeli model, Orit Fox, in a photo shoot with a snake coddled with a cold-blooded reptile. To make the shoot more lively, she decided to 'kiss' boa constrictor. When she licked the snake, letting its neck hold loose, the snake took objection to her over closeness and reacted shapely by sinking its fangs into her scissor enhanced breast.

But, what happened later was the jaw dropping. The snake that sank its teeth into breast of the model held it tight. After some vigorous pulling sessions they managed to release the hapless model from snake's clutch.

The model who was rushed to hospital was given a tetanus shot but the snake came off worse. The poor reptile died from silicone poisoning.

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