Strong Lokpal bill to be discussed on Dec 27

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New Delhi, Dec 22: The government on Thursday has finally tabled the strong lokpal bill in the Lok Sabha. Team Anna members, Anna Hazare, RJD leader Lalu Prasad and other political parties have rejected the bill for different reasons. Everyone has different point of views over the bill. After facing strong opposition from the political parties, the government has decided to debate the bill on Dec 27.

Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal has rejected the bill drafted by the government and referred it as a new weak Lokpal bill. Read more: (Government is sympathizing with the corrupts: Kejriwal)

BJP leader Sushma Swaraj launched a fiery attack on the ruling UPA and demanded a strong Lokpal. She claimed that "Reservation on the basis of religion is not allowed constitutionally. If the bill is challenged in Court it will be struck down on the first day as doesn’t merits the reservation policy. State making Lokayukta will not be optional but mandatory which is not with the constitution."

However, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee defended the Bill. He said that "It is the constitutional responsibility of the house to pass the law within its constitutional rights. Whether the Bill is passed or not is up to the members of the house. This is not just a piece of law. There is an agitation on in the country for the bill. It is for the Court to judge the constitutional of bill, our job is to make the bill let the court do their job we do our."

"This bill makes PM under the Lokpal which is against the constitution provision. What is the guarantee that all the member of Lokpal will be honest. I ask government not to present this bill," said Mulayam Yadav, samajwadi leader.

"This is not government service and reservation will not dilute it. Why ex-MPs are included in this bill? Which was not even asked by Team Anna, this is not acceptable. No one is opposing the Bill but it should be strong, this is not a strong bill it has many loopholes. How can five people challenge the parliament?

"PM acceptance will be affected in world's eye, if many cases are running against him under Lokpal. Media should be kept out of lokpal bill, but bring NGO into it. CBI should not be given to Lokpal in any case. Country will not forgive us if we accept this bill in this format," said Lalu Prasad, RJD leader.

Continuing his attack, Anna Hazare reiterated that the new Lokpal Bill is very weak and will not help in tackling corruption. The question raised here is why is the Govt scared of including CBI in Lokpal Bill?

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