Pro-Maoists snub Anna Hazare's anti-corruption movement

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Anna Hazare
Kolkata, Dec 2: Anna Hazare's movement against corruption has been considered as a movement for the common man, but Maoist sympathisers don't seem to believe that. Sources said that pro-Maoists have unveiled a campaign targeting Anna's movement.

The front organisations of Maoists revealed that Anna is an urban phenomenon, who has no support from farmers and the working class. Pro Maoists have also criticised the Anna Hazare led movement against corruption saying that it had no support from farmers and the working class. The organization alleged that Arvind Kejriwal was receiving money from the US and the movement was supported by corporate houses.

The front organisations of Maoists claimed that "Discussions conducted by Anna's team as well as the solutions proffered by them were essentially dishonest as they detracted from the basic issue that the prevailing corruption was the inevitable byproduct of the policies of globalisation".

Reacting to pro-Maoists criticism, Arvind Kejriwal denied the charge that Team Anna movement against corruption is anti-poor. He said, "I would say our movement is not anti poor at all and there are large number of people both from rural areas and urban areas...very very poor people have participated in this movement. If there is no corruption in the country..the biggest beneficiaries will be the poorest because poor people are who face the maximum problem."

Moreover, pro-maoists have also accused Anna of taking the attention away from the various corruption scandals alleging that the movement is being backed by fascist forces.

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