Anna Hazare a true Gandhian, pardons Congress' Manish Tewari

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Manish Tiwari and Anna Hazare
Bangalore, Sept 22: 74-year-old Anna Hazare once again proved that he is a true follower of Mahatma Gandhi when he pardoned Manish Tewari who had called him (Anna) "corrupt from top to toe". Tewari on Wednesday, Sept 21 had sent Anna a written letter pleading apology for his grievous remark.

Receiving the letter from the Congress MP, Anna, without wasting any time, declared that he and his lawyer will drop the legal case against Tewari. Earlier, overruling Tiwari's statement seeking apology, Anna's lawyer Milind Pawar on Sept 8 had sent a legal notice to the Congress man.

The notice asked Tiwari to "apologise with written application by you (Tiwari) and on behalf of your party (Congress), undertaking not to commit such false imputations and defamatory statements (about Hazare) in future."

Tewari, in his letter, stated, "I do not stand on any prestige or ego, especially when it comes to giving due regard and respect to people elder to me in age. In all sincerity, I reiterate my regrets."

"I do not wish to give legal responses or want this matter to be prolonged. I hope you would treat the matter as closed," added the Congress MP clarifying his stand on the whole controversy.

Citing Anna's decision to forgive Twari, it's being proved that he (Anna) is a real Gandhian who follows the path of peace avoiding violence and any feelings of hatred in mind.

Here it can be recalled that Tiwari had hurled the first attack on Anna Hazare as he (Tiwari) stated, "Anna has violated basic courtesy and has a lot to answer."

He (Tiwari) had further said that Justice Sawant Commission report on corruption also named Anna Hazare and asked why he did not respond to the charges. Congress also said that Anna's birthday celebration by his trust was illegal and Anna himself was corrupt.

Tiwari, continuing his attack on Anna, had stated, "The Sawant Commission ripped apart the moral core of Hazare as it found him steeped in corruption from head to toe." However, the Congress party later had taken a U-turn by calling him a "Hero".

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