Railway Board condemns Shahid's 'Mausam' for negligent act

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Mumbai, Sep 21: The Railway board have condemned to a scene in Shahid Kapoor's upcoming movie 'Mausam' for negligent act that shows him speeding his vehicle at a crossing to avoid a speeding train.

The Railway Board sent a letter to Shahid Kapoor and condemned the act for sending across a wrong message to his fans across the nation.

The Railway board has now demanded for a disclaimer to be put before the movie begins along with a ticker condemning the unlawful act.

"The act of not stopping before an unmanned level crossing gate when the train is in sight is clearly a punishable offence under section 161 of the Indian Railways Act.

The legal provisions notwithstanding, it is a matter of concern that such an act undertaken by Shahid Kapoor, a youth icon, may have tremendous potential of being imitated by impressionable youngsters, thus endangering their lives," reads the copy of the letter written by Chandralekha Mukherjee, Executive Director, Information & Publicity, Railway Board said a article in MiD DAY.

"The Railways would like to register its protest in the matter and ask that a disclaimer be put in the feature film appropriately saying that the makers do not endorse anybody crossing unmanned level crossings with such carelessness and that such an act should not be attempted/imitated.

A word of caution or a scroll during the scene could also be added. The matter could also be highlighted at press briefings expressing the concern of the Railways and yourself in the matter," read the letter.

"How can we put a disclaimer at this late stage when the prints have already gone?" said Sheetal Talwar, producer of the movie.

"And what about Ra.One, where Shah Rukh Khan is seen doing all those stunts in a train? Or Bodyguard where Salman is on top of a speeding train?

Or much earlier, Aamir Khan's stunt with the speeding train in Ghulam? Were those not dangerous? As far as speeding a car across a railway crossing goes, it's the character in the film and not Shahid Kapoor breaking the law. Why blame Shahid?" she said.

Talwar however said that they were considering putting a press release stating that the scene could be dangerous.

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