TV coverage of Anna was biased and adultory :Experts

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New Delhi, Aug 28 :There has been saturation coverage by television channels of Anna Hazare''s fast reporting every twist and turn in the protest saga 24x7 for the last about two weeks. But has it been critical and unbiased or one-sided in approval?

By and large, media experts feel that television coverage was biased in favour of the 74-year-old activist, uncritical in its sweep and adulatory sometimes.

There was a lone voice of support for news television channels from noted journalist and Editor and Managing Director of Pioneer newspaper Chandan Mitra, who feels it was not the case.

"By its very nature, television is a very biased medium.

Whenever a big issue or a campaign like this crops up, news channels try to be on top of it. This is the trend that prevails everywhere," says Bhaskar Rao, director, Centre for Media Studies.

"But unfortunately in the Anna Hazare case, I think TV channels have overdone it," Rao told PTI.

The main issue here is corruption, which is the elephant, but the media has given extensive publicity to "the elephant riders, which is Anna Hazare and his team", he said.

Concurs noted television commentator Karan Thapar, who says the media, especially the television, appeared to be siding with the Anna campaign and not fully representing the viewpoints of the government.

"They (TV channels) have been less than comprehensive in exploring the divisions or contradictions in Anna''s side. They did not expose several of Anna''s demands which may create serious constitutional problems," he said.

Echoing similar views, Vinod Mehta, Editor-in-Chief of Outlook magazine, said, "I think the electronic media was just carried away by the populist mood and failed to be critical on some aspects of team Anna as it has been on the government." (More) PTI SKP VSC


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