Slam fest on between Anna-PM; accuses PM of crushing rights

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Anna Hazare
New Delhi, Aug 14: After the Anna Hazare-Government spat hit an all-time low with the Gandhian refusing to sign an undertaking that restricts his fasting for a maximum of 3 days and a restriction put in place that limits the number of people congregating in the venue to 5000 people, the Anna-Manmohan Singh face off is set to see the final show-down.

Following Anna's letter to the PM, that sought his intervention in the barriers being put up for his fast by relevant authorities, Manmohan Singh in a late night response said that Anna "should take his grievances to the statutory authorities who have taken the decision." With Anna egging the PM to "show courage" and stating that denying a venue to fast was tantamount to crushing people's fundamental rights through “unconstitutional conditions", the PM in his reply said, "My office does not in any way get involved in the decision-making process."

With Anna Hazare not mincing words and putting forth his ire in public, he accused the government of deceit and said, "Our freedom is being taken away on Independence day. They are putting all types of conditions." Declaring that he would even court arrest and that he would not sign any undertaking whatsoever, he commented, "We have been telling the government about the fast since April... about a month and a half back we told them again about the fast and asked them for a protest site and gave them options. I have written so many letters to the prime minister."

Hitting at the PM's stand on the issue through the two-page letter to Manmohan Singh, Anna said, "Your government is trying to crush those who raise their voice against corruption. This is happening more often in your government."

He went a step further and in an open defiance of the PM's stand on the issue said, "With what face would you unfurl the flag from the Red Fort? Does it behove of you to crush the fundamental rights of people by murdering democracy and violating the Constitution? People say your government is the most corrupt government since Independence, though I am of the view that every successive government is more corrupt than the previous one."

With the face off between the Anna Hazare team and the Union Government, hitting a new low, all eyes are on the proposed fast on Aug 16. With Anna appearing defiant and challenging the administration, whether the "Second struggle for independence" as referred to by Anna's team will be crushed or let to vent out their emotions against the corruption demon remains to be seen.

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