Hello vampires - This website gives you Bloodthirsty Tips!

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Kristen Stewart as Vampire
Johannesburg, Jul 26: Is there any real vampire in South Africa? It seems like editors of a South African website are inspired by the Hollywood movie series 'Twilight' which described the life of vampires. The South African website - SA Vampyre News - is giving tips to vampires on how to curb their thirst for human blood!

A report in News24.com said that the news website launched on Jun 13, gives local blood suckers advice and ideas. Articles on the website explain how vampires can protect their identity and also give information about 'donors' - people who cut themselves to give blood to vampires!

"Most butcher departments in the kind of store you will find in a mall will refuse point blank to supply anyone with cast-off blood from meat they package," was the comment published earlier on SA Vampyre News.

Another article entitled 'The Vampire's Survival Guide – Surviving on Animal Blood' explains how to obtain blood if there are shortages.

"Another way to satisfy the hunger is to eat out and order a steak rare or even 'blue"- which is basically raw, just introduced to the grill for a micro-second. Some say it"s nought but a placebo, but if it"s fresh and still contains some blood, it can help."

So, what's up? If you know any vampires in search of some bloodthirsty tips, tell them to login to SA Vampyre News website!

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