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Mumbai Blasts
Ahmedabad, Jul 21: With the world not a safe place anymore especially in the aftermath of the Mumbai blasts, officials are on an all-out effort to watch every step and every breath we take through CCTV cameras installed at key locations across the city. As many as 300 electronic eyes are expected to spy every movement we make in the city.

The plan for the same have been put in place by the Mumbai Police in association with the BSNL officials. After the role of the CCTV images proved to be vital in establishing leads in the 13/7 blasts, the officials finally seem to have woken up to the importance of 24x7 surveillance.

More than 100 3G CCTV cameras will be setup in different parts of the city and the police will keep an eye on the goings-on in the city live. City Police Commissioner, Sudhir Sinha commented, "A trial run of this project will be carried out between July 22 and 26. At 42 spots across the city, including all sensitive installations , 3G CCTV cameras will be set up by BSNL. The cameras will be linked to a central control room through high-speed wireless internet connection."

The expenses for the sensitive project is funded by the BSNL and will be born by their social responsibility fund, according to police sources. The city police plans to use the public-private partnership (PPP) model for the electronic surveillance system.

The Police Commissioner added, "We will form a Citizens' Security Trust where account-payee cheques will be collected as public donations . We have also spoken to the charity commissioner in this regard. The donors will also be benefit in the form of income tax exemption."

He further added, "The 3G cameras with different IP addresses , internet connections and other infrastructure will be provided by BSNL. According to a rough estimate provided by the company, city police will have to pay Rs 1 crore annually as rent for the gadgets and for internet services. All entry exit points of Ahmedabad, hospitals, gardens, institutes like the IIM-A , PRL, Ahmedabad railway station, Geeta Mandir bus terminus and market places will be covered in the electronic surveillance."

With the trail run scheduled to be kicked off between Jul 22 and 26, the Mumbai Police will pay an annual rent of Rs 1 crore for the gadgets and internet services.

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