Nithyananda's 'uplifting' claims fails to 'fly' in ashram

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Swami Nithyananda
Bangalore, Jul 18: Swami Nithyananada is soon becoming controversy's favourite child, when he was under the media glare once again, but this time not for his sexual exploits but for prophesying that he will lift all his followers in the air during the course of delivering his much-publicized kundalini yoga exercise. He had declared that during his discourse his followers will be able to 'fly' during the Guru Poornima celebrations on Jul 15 in his Bidadi ashram.

Not only was there any aerial drill but the uttermost the followers did was jump up and down like frogs in a seemingly trance like state. Nithyananda had invited the media to his Bangalore ashram to witness the surreal spectacle, when the attempts to lift his followers to an enlightened space fell flat. His above the ground experience led to astral embarrassment that was beamed across most television channels and leading to ridicule for his tall claims.

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Nithyananda had earlier filed a complaint against Sun TV for targeting him and utilising the opportunity to get back at him, the Chennai-based channel was the most vocal in their ridicule when the Sun TV commentator said, "Nithyananda just blew air into the mike but could not get his devotees up in the air, as promised."

The estranged actress Ranjitha was also shown to be hysterically jumping oblivious to the media's prying eyes. She had also recently slammed the media stating that they had given utter disregard to a woman's reputation and aired morphed images of her in a compromising position with Swami Nithyananda. Many foreign followers tried their best to life themselves off the air but were of no luck.

Various media channels poked fun at the amusing spectacle with some of them going to the extent of saying that the followers were "Jumping Jacks". When Nithyananda realised that his claims bore no fruit, he personally tried to 'uplift' himself but was of no luck either.

Arjun Sampath of the Hindu Makkal Katchi, commented on the bizarre act and said, "Let him first get acquitted from the court case where he has been accused of sex crimes. Even before that, he is going around with women, dressed like a raja yogi. This is an insult to Hinduism."

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