MiD DAY journalist was working on movie script

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Jyotirmoy Dey
Mumbai, Jun 22: Jyotirmoy Dey, MiD DAY journalist was working on a movie script for Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan , said police sources.

"Yes Dey was contributing his bit on a script for Ajay, which is currently on a scratch level,"said a source.

 Dey was working on a script based on the underworld.

Dey who was an investigative journalist in the MiD DAY was killed by four unidentified assailants on Saturday, Jun 11.

He had couriered photo copies of his passport and visa documents to the Philippines tourism marketing office located in Delhi minutes before he was killed.

Police earlier had arrested four people suspecting their connection with Dey's murder, though they were released shortly. Now, media reports started pointing at the police itself.

Times of India reported that Mumbai police succeeded to access Dey's emails, SMSs and notes and received some clues which help them (police) to progress their investigation in the murder case.

The same media reports also informed that Dey had "very sensitive pictures of a senior police official". Now, this revelation adds more fuel to the allegations which were raised against police officials. Earlier, Mumbai ACP, Anil Mahabole was transferred over his alleged links with underworld over Dey's murder.

Mumbai's journalists forum urged the court to appoint CBI in the probe, however, Mumbai police has claimed to solve the case soon.

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