Another French minister quits over sex scandal

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Paris, May 30: There seem to be some sinister connection with those holding seats of power and the hardheaded approach such people showcase towards the powerless and gullible. With France becoming somewhat infamous in this department, yet another sex harassment case has surfaced.

With the ex-IMF Chief, Dominique Strauss-Kahn's hotel episode involving the maid shaming France in the world stage, another minister has quit from his ministerial post after he was accused of sexual harassment of two women during his tenure as mayor. Civil service minister Georges Tron resigned from his post when the scandal hit and sent a letter to President Nicolas Sarkozy on the same.

Feigning innocence, Tron maintained that he will prove his innocence. Wednesday, saw prosecutors stating that they had resumed preliminary investigation over charges of sexual aggression and rape. Tron"s lawyer called the women “inveterate liars."

The 53-year-old Minister in his resignation letter stated that he would disprove the vindictive accusations by the former municipal employees. Both women were sacked earlier, for fraud and “undignified behaviour." The accusers claimed that Tron indulged in unwanted touching in the pretext of giving them a foot massage.

The two women, aged 34 and 36, claimed that the mayor assaulted them between 2007 and 2010 when they worked in town hall of the south Paris suburb Draveil. The woman said she had the courage to speak up after the exposal of IMF chief"s episode. One of the women was quoted as saying to the Le Parisien newspaper, “When I see that a chambermaid was capable of taking on Dominique Strauss-Kahn, I tell myself I don"t have the right to stay silent. Other women may be suffering what I suffered. I have to help them. We must break this code of silence."

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