Truth behind Headley's aquaintance with Sena activist, Rege

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Chicago, May 24: While David Headley wanted to develop a strong companionship with Rajaram Rege to gain access to Shiv Sena, Rege was looking forward for his association with the 2008, Mumbai blast accused, so that he could bag some multi-billion Indian contracts for US companies. 

"If anybody from USA or any country wants a venture or invest in India, I am the ideal person for them. Projects worth Rs 10,000 crores sanctioned by government are with me. Are you getting my point????," wrote Rege in an email to Headley, dated May 19, 2008, as shown in the copy of an email brought forth in the court by federal prosecutors. 

Rege further hooked Headley to get him big contacts in India by displaying his strong political connections.

"As you know that I am politically and socially very well connected here in Bombay (Mumbai), Gujarat and Delhi. Delhi is the place here central govt of India (Prime Minister India) rules. I have very strong personal relations with people ruling Mumbai (Maharashtra), Gujarat and Delhi," he wrote. 

"There are lots of projects in thousands of crores (Indian rupees) regarding constructions, dams, canals, power, medicine, education etc lined up," he wrote. 

The email cited some important future ventures of Headley and Rege.

"If we recollect about our plans that I need to come there and give presentations and conferences with people there and generate funds. Please make a detail project report so that we can start our work on it gives business to you as well as to me," Rege wrote.

Rege came in news after Headley during his trial in the Chicago court claimed that he met Rege, a Shiv Sena activist. Rege, however, has maintained that he wasn't working with the Sena when Headley approached him.

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