'After Osama, US to destroy all who hurt Americans'

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Washington, May 10: It seems that the confidence of Barack Obama administration has suddenly popped up when US successfully killed its biggest enemy - Osama bin Laden under the nose of Pakistani army. Obama's men have warned the world that they will destroy anyone who dares to hurt Americans.

"It's within our right to do so," claimed State Department deputy spokesman Mark Toner while asserting that whenever US will find someone who's responsible for thousands of Americans and other deaths, the country will definitely take stern action against the guilty.

Toner has dismissed all claims of Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani that US has breached the sovereignty of Pakistan through "Kill Osama mission - Operation Geronimo".

The official once again raised question to Pakistan government about the main culprit of 9/11 terror attacks, Osama's safe living in the country. Toner assured the world that US will continue to pursue Pakistan with the same question unless untill Pakistan will not deliver any satisfactory answer.

"I think that we don't expect answers quickly. We realize that will take some time, but, you know, we'll wait till we get a response," asserted Toner.

"We've said pretty clearly...from the very first hours after the raid....that his (bin Laden's) whereabouts raise some questions - indeed in this administration and within Congress and, frankly, within the Pakistani government - about how he could have lived for such a long time, and whether he had any kind of support there," pointed out Toner while claiming that Osama had some "internal support" from Pakistan.

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