An Indian website to turn whistleblower on black money scam!

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Black money
New Delhi, Apr 29: Among various scams dogging the country, the issue of black money features prominently in the list. With the Hasan Ali case giving many politicians and bureaucrats sleepless nights, the facts were validated further with Julian Assange's comments that Indians holds more black money in Swiss banks than anyone else.

After India saw the drama unfold in the streets of Delhi by anti-corruption crusaders lead by Anna Hazare, there are more anti-graft reformers who wants to bring back all the black money of Indians that have been stashed abroad. The anti-graft organisation Transparency International-India (TII) intends to operate a whistleblower website to recover crores of rupees that have been parked offshore in other tax havens. (Read: Threat lingers on Hasan Ali after Big names revealed)

The 'Star Action Team" consisting of lawyers, judges and bureaucrats will gain access to details of black money and post them in a website after verifying them. The facts were revealed in a press conference by the TII at the end of an anti-graft summit.

The anti-graft website will have exclusive information on assets, photographs, documents, videos, names of suspected partners and family members. It will be supported by eminent lawyers and experts who will assist the organisation in judicial backing for the cases. Anupama Jha speaking on behalf of TII said that the movement will see them liaising both Indian and foreign civil society organisations who work towards a similar goal of freedom against corruption.

The organisation also claimed that many individuals and organisations have already volunteered for the cause. The anti-graft organisation, 5th pillar is a partner in the campaign. A representative of 5th Pillar, Vijay Anand said, “The Star Action Team will uncover owners of properties, assets and the life style purchased by plundering the state(public money). It will upload evidences like details of cars and addresses of properties with documentary evidences."

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