Ramesh''s deadly humour,many people would want me in crematoria

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New Delhi, Feb 17 (PTI) Injecting some ''deadly'' humourat the launch of a project for more eco-friendly cremationsystems, Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh today joked thatmany people would want him in the crematoria.

"There will be many people who would be eagerly hopingthat I should be the first candidate for the crematoria,"Ramesh said in a lighter vein evoking peals of laughter fromthe audience.

The ''Harit Moksha'' project aims at saving tens ofthousands of tonnes of wood on cremations every year.

Making the remarks just before the start of the GoM meetto discuss the issue of coal mining in "no go" areas inforests, the Minister said, "In fact I have to go for ameeting at 4''o clock where there will be lot of people whowould be hoping that I would be the candidate for this HaritMoksha and they will get moksha for Harit Mantralaya."

Ramesh''s aggressive green activism has in therecent months displeased a number of his ministerialcolleagues.

The Harit Moksha project is a joint initiative by ONGCand Moksha Paryavaran Evam Van Suraksha Samiti--a NGO--toenable better combustion efficiency and reduced heat wastagein cremations.

"I am not a Minister of moratorium and crematorium. I ama Minister for environment and forests and I have to promoteenvironmental objectives as well," Ramesh had said recently.

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