Vibes of Shillong woods in Europe

Posted By: Pti
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Shillong, Feb 17 (PTI) Imagine you visit theGuggenheim Museum in Berlin and on the thoroughfares of Unterde Linden you hear chirping of birds, swaying of tress,shrills of crickets and other insects, giving you the feel ofa forest somewhere in India�s Northeast!

Well, that�s precisely what has been producedby two artists of Northeast through their project �Trespasserswill (not) be Prosecuted�, which seeks to create an ambienceof the dense forests in some urban location, giving thebeholder a feel of the nature � through audio.

Sonal Jain of Shillong and Mriganka Madhukaillyaof Guwahati have come up with a database of a variety ofsounds recorded from Law Kyntang, a sacred forest in Mawphlangprotected by local community. The sounds have been drawn fromvarious locations inside the forest and at different seasonsof the year.

They then edit and reframe the sounds to suit thelocation where the system is installed and create a�soundscape� to give the people a feel of the forests throughthe sounds of trees, crickets, birds, toads et al.

�We have worked in this project for over fiveyears and the main purpose of this installation of the projectis to facilitate discourse and conversations around nature,people and environment we live. We recorded the true sound ofnature. People in this materialistic world have forgotten thevalue of nature and that�s what we are trying tobring it out,� Sonal, a faculty of National Institute ofDesign, Ahmedabad said. .

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