Removal from entity list would aid R&D programme: Saraswat

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Bangalore, Feb 11 (PTI) The US move to remove nine entitiesfrom its entity list was expected to accelerate the R and Dprogramme India had with the US but one had to still wait andwatch on the licensing issue policy of the US, ScientificAdvisor to the Defence Minister, V K Saraswat said here today.

Speaking to reporters at the ongoing Aeroshow, he said "lotof technology areas were identified for working with US, butbecause we were in the entity list, it was stagnant.Onlyprelimary progress was made."

"I presume with the entity business over, I am sure therewill be acceleration of R and D programmes we have with theUS. There are 30 programmes related to material,related tosensors, related to manufacturing technology.. someof the programmes related to advanced communication systemsand there are many things related to low intensity conflict".

With the change in US policy, th level of cooperationwas expected to enhance, he said.

However, he cautioned that removal of the nine entitiesfrom the list did not suffice as the "policy of the UnitedStates in items of dual use is very clear."

"Everything which is dual use needs a licence. Thelicensing process is the law of the land and that will notchange, so we have to see if in years to come, days to come,what kind of trust is going develop between US with respect toisue of licence for dual use items of the DRDO".

"Only time will tell", he said reiterating thatlaws on dual use were stringent. Most of the items of the DRDOwere related to dual use, right from cell phones tocomputers, he said.

"But I think they will be maturity", he said but did notelaborate.

The US has removed nine Indian space and defence relatedcompanies including those from ISRO and DRDO from its exportcontrol ''Entity List'' in an attempt to expand high technologytrade and strategic cooperation with India.

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