Two men killed by American in Lahore worked for ISI: Report

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Islamabad, Feb 10 (PTI) The two men gunned down by USnational Raymond Davis in Lahore last month were working forISI which was tailing the American because he was spying and"encroaching on their turf", according to a media report.

The two men were sent to track Davis by the ISI, whichbelieved that he had crossed "a red line" and needed to befollowed, four unnamed Pakistani officials were quoted assaying by ABC News.

The men Davis shot had been following him for at leasttwo hours and recorded some of his movements on their cellphone cameras, one of the Pakistani officials said.

In late January, Davis was asked to leave an area ofLahore restricted by the military, the officials said.

Davis'' cell phone was tracked and some of his calls weremade to the Waziristan tribal area, where the PakistaniTaliban and a dozen other militant groups have a safe haven,one official said.

Pakistani intelligence officials saw Davis as a threatwho was "encroaching on their turf," the official was quotedas saying.

That the ISI sent the equivalent of "hired guns" to trailDavis is a sign that the relationship between the US andPakistani intelligence agencies is at a "low point," accordingto all four officials.

US officials disputed the contention of the Pakistaniofficials, ABC News reported.

Davis came to Pakistan on a diplomatic passport and is a"member of the technical and administrative staff" of the USembassy in Islamabad, American officials said.

"In public and in private, US officials say they do notbelieve reports that the two men Davis shot and killed wereworking for the ISI. They say the men had robbed anotherperson before they approached Davis'' car," the report said.

Davis was arrested after he shot and killed the two menin a busy area of Lahore on January 27. He claimed he acted inself-defence as the two armed men were trying to rob him.

Police found pistols on both the dead men, who wereriding a motorcycle.

Pakistani intelligence agencies often use operativesriding motorcycles to tail people.

A third Pakistani man was killed when he was hit by aspeeding US consulate vehicle rushing to aid Davis.

The matter was further complicated after the widow of oneof the men killed by Davis committed suicide.

Pakistani leaders have also rebuffed demands by the USfor Davis to be released on the ground that he is a diplomatand enjoys immunity. (More) PTI RHL

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