Russian physicists are testing breakthrough data encryption

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Moscow, Feb 6 (Itar-Tass) An absolute encoder - the codeof which cannot be broken without destroying the classifiedinformation, is being tested by Russian Physicists.

The idea of creating such an encryption device belongs totheoretical physicists Valery Yudin, of the Novosibirsk StateTechnical University, and Alexei Taichenachev, of theNovosibirsk State University. A prototype of such an encoderis undergoing tests at the optics laboratory of theactive media. The aim of the current series of experiments isto eliminate the side effects that influence the throughputcapabilities of the system and to choose the optimal mode ofpulses.

The principle of this device is based on thetransformation of the laser pulse into a single photon. Thelatter is the minimum quantum of information that can betransmitted. If this photon is created in some special state,it cannot be measured without destroying this state.

"This natural level of protection inherent in a singlephoton can serve as a basis for the development of "absolute"coding in future devices for encryption, where no attempt athacking will go unnoticed," the senior researcher of thelaboratory of active media which developed the instrument,Alexei Akimov said.

"To achieve this a number of devices are used, which cangenerate pulses and adjust their frequency so that theycoincide with the necessary transitions in the atoms of themedium."

The exchange of pulses where the information is "locked"in the quantum state of light streams provides absolutesafety, because they cannot be intercepted, let alone, readwithout the special key, confirms the head of the PhysicsInstitute''s department of optics, Professor Anatoly Masalov.

"The very attempt to capture such information immediatelyspoils it. In this case the sender immediately sees outsideinterference at the stage of the transfer," he said. "And theinterceptor does not receive reliable information anyway."

Obtaining a controlled photon on demand with the methodof filtration of the laser pulse will be used in fundamentalresearch, researchers at the Physics Institute said. Suchdevices will be required, for example, in fundamental researchin quantum photonics, and for the development of quantummemory and a new generation of high-speed computers. (ItarTass)

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