Oz travel group blasted for encouraging drivers to run down kangaroos

Posted By: Ani
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Melbourne, Feb 06 (ANI): Wicked Campers, a travel group, has been slammed by animal rights activists for encouraging drivers to hit kangaroos.

In the 1000-strong fleet, many vehicles have stickers on the dashboards saying, "Kangaroo's, run the f------ down", and some with more toned-down language, saying "Kangaroos, run the buggers down".

Wicked Campers founder John Webb said the stickers were applied to the inside of vehicles to enforce a road safety message.

"We had vans swerving (to avoid animals), which was damaging to everybody," News.com.au quoted him as saying.

The sticker campaign was humorous, but individual, he said.

"Everyone's got a different sense of humour," he said.

He added that the intention of the stickers was not to hurt animals, but to ensure drivers would not be injured after swerving, which could result in a vehicle roll-over.

But Vegan Warriors founder Jaylene Musgrave was appalled by the suggestions on the stickers.

"We've got this company basically telling people to go ahead and perform acts of cruelty," she said.

"If he (Mr Webb) says it's a message about road safety, he needs to detail it on the stickers," she added. (ANI)

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