Strong Bihari identity will form a better Indian identity: Nitish Kumar

Posted By: Ani
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New Delhi, Feb 2 (ANI): Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Wednesday said a self-conscious identity has emerged in his state amid allegations of no development and corruption by previous governments.

Kumar, who has attracted appreciation for his efforts during the last term, said a stronger Bihar identity will further develop into better Indian identity for healthy psyche of the country.

"Earlier, the issue of identity referred to caste and community. Now, a better identity has emerged, the Bihari identity (regional identity). Only a good Bihari can be a good Indian. The identities have changed. Earlier situation should not arise, and the caste issue must become weaker," Kumar told reporters here.

Further speaking about the assistance received from the Central Government, Nitish Kumar said: "The tone and tenure from Delhi was a loss. The money for development is everyone's right. I only asked, 'Is Bihar out of this country?' The attitude of the Central government must change."

"I met the Prime Minister today, and informed him about possibility of drought in the state. There was no winter rain, which raised problems of drinking water. I have invited the Prime Minister to come to Bihar," he added. (ANI)

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