India backtracks on "sham university" in US

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SM Krishna
Hyderabad, Feb 1: The issue of the duped students of the Tri Valley University is showing no respite. With the latest news of students being radio-tagged that caused considerable mental trauma and angering parents and relatives of the students back home, the emotion seem to be flaring up each day.

While External Affairs Minister, SM Krishna expressed his angst at the "inhuman treatment" meted out by US authorities, India seem to be buckling up to pressure once again. US authorities have claimed that there is nothing unnatural about the 'ankle bracelets' and has stated that they were better than detention. A statement given out by the US embassy says, “Use of ankle monitors is widespread across the United States and standard procedure for a variety of investigations, and does not necessarily imply guilt or suspicion of criminal activity."

With a large number of students from Andhra Pradesh, the students are left in the lurch and are confused on what the next course of action needs to be. The AP government has set up a helpline to render better communication between families of the students.

With news of the "sham university" hitting the panic button among many Indians looking for educational prospects in US, the issue has raised very valid questions. News have emerged about the credibility of the Tri Valley University and if the degrees doled out by them is valid. It has also been found that TVU had a total strength of 1500 students in Sept 2010 when they were granted permission to enroll only 30 students. Blatant flouting of key mandates led to the sorry state of affairs for those pursuing the American Dream.

According to student sources, there were rarely any classes held and that work permits were sold to students illegally. University records also reveal that 700 students were living in one apartment raising eyebrows of investigation authorities.

Meanwhile, SM Krishna backtracked on following up with US on the unfair treatment meted out to students and has been quoted as saying, ""There's hardly anything India can do if the US laws permit such action to track students who are considered illegal immigrants. Each country is governed by its laws."

Lets hope that India takes the matter up diligently and that the students will not have to face any more such harrowing experiences in the future.

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