Yemen protestors demand President to step down

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Yemen flag
Sanaa, Jan 27: Inspired by Tunisia, Yemen took its agitation to streets of Sanaa on Thursday, Jan 27 demanding the long served leader, Ali Abdullah Saleh to step down. Saleh, has served over 30 years as President of Yemen.

Sources said that the growing poverty among a growing young generation and frustration with a lack of political independence, were the main causes for the agitation.

People gathered outside the Sanaa University, shouted anti-government slogans and made reference to Tunisia's President's overthrow and demanded for the change in Yemen President.

Sources said that the people demonstrated the protest atleast at four places in the capital, including Sanaa University.

Meanwhile, even pro-government players gathered number of people in another district of Sanaa and chatted slogans supporting the present government, reports said.

Reports said in the fear of rampage and turmoil during the agitation more than 100 troops from Yemen's security forces were deployed in the city, mainly in the square, where many backs were located.

"We are partners in this nation and we won't submit to exclusion. Look at Tunis and what it did. Yemen's people are stronger," a protesters said.

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