'Axing of terror law could give rise to 7/7-style terror attack in UK'

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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London, Jan 3 (ANI): Britain's terror law watchdog has warned the Lib Dem coalition that it would never be forgiven if it 'turns a blind eye' on the crackdown on suspects, especially at a time when the country faces a new 7/7-style atrocity.

According to The Sun, Lord Carlile has urged Prime Minister David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg not to play politics with people's lives by axing control orders.

The Lib Dem peer reportedly urged Clegg to show "courage" and put public safety above his own political survival.

According to Lord Carlile, UK currently faces a terror threat as dreadful as 7/7-terror attack when Islamic suicide bombers murdered 52 people in London in July 2005.

"Security and police chiefs have made clear the necessity for the orders. We ignore their advice literally at our peril," the paper quoted him, as saying.

His comments come after the Government was forced to deny reports that Clegg had "won" his battle to axe control orders. The controversy threatens to leave the Coalition deeply split and pile fresh pressure on the Deputy Prime Minister.

Clegg has already is already in trouble because of his stand on student tuition fees, and many of his MPs and activists are now urging him to stand firm on the party's pledge to scrap control orders. (ANI)

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