Stockholm suicide bomber's 'wife was not aware about his hidden intentions'

Posted By: Nairita Das
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London, Dec 18(ANI): The father-in-law of Stockholm suicide bombings suspect, Taimour al-Abdaly, has insisted that his daughter had nothing to do with the terrorist attack.

Abdaly had detonated a car bomb in Stockholm's busiest pedestrian street on December 11 when it was filled with hordes of Christmas shoppers.

The bomber was the only person to die in the attack. Two other people were injured in the blast.

Ali Thwany said that his daughter, Mona, had been suspicious about her husband's increasingly radical views, but had been too frightened to speak out.

There had been reports that Mona had known about her husband's plans to blow himself up in a packed shopping street in Stockholm, but Thwany insisted that was not the case.

"We distance ourselves from him [Taimur], and we have no connection whatsoever to him in any way. My daughter Mona has been fooled to live together with him. She was not aware that her husband was criminal, nor his hidden or open intentions. He has not told anything about his private life or contacts or his trips," the Telegraph quoted Thwany, as saying.

"My daughter was scared and suspicious about his trips, therefore she decided to stay silent. This has caused problems for her. We were at a few occasions even close to stop our contact with her. We did not know and was not aware about his criminal plans."

"Now she can be free from the brainwash of the terrorism. She has told me that she deeply regretted that she has been silent all the time. The only mistake she did was that she did not want to interfere," he added.bdaly, a bed salesman, lived with Mona, baby Osama and two daughters aged four and two in Luton, England.

Officials, who searched the 29-year-old's three-bedroom house, are believed to have found extremist books and videos.

His computer is also being checked for emails between him and the Al-Qaeda.

Abdaly's devotion to Al-Qaeda chief Osama Bin Laden's hate teachings had also got him kicked out of his local mosque for trying to brainwash young Muslims. (ANI)

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