Facebook Number Game: What's your number dude?

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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California, Dec 9: What makes Facebook so popular? It's just their 'simple' ability to create trends among its users. After the famous 'cartoon profile pictures', another game goes viral on Facebook. The latest sensation is Number Games.

The world's most popular social networking site Facebook has started the new Number Games on its platform on Wednesday, Dec 8. Facebook users can see numbers along with the status updates.

The new Number Game allows users to ask their friends what they think about them by supplying them a numbers. Their friends can give answers attached with numbers to give identification purposes.

"To start the game, someone tells everyone to send them a private message with any number they choose. Then the person can post a public message to that person using the number. Everyone will see the message, but the only two people who know what it's about will be the original poster and the person who chose that number," Washington Post described the game in its blog.

Here is some of the examples listed on The Number Game's Group page:

* Number 21 - True friend; you've always been there and I'm grateful for our relationship!
* Number 1013 - I wonder why we never really talk... you seem cool, but we just never connect.
* Number 4 - You broke my heart.
* Number 5 - You always make me smile. I'm so glad you're in my life.

Now, Facebook is asking to its 500+ million users, "What's your number dude?"

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