Sharp introduces cure for air pollution

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New Delhi, Dec 8: Sharp, a company that produces home appliances and customer electronic goods in India, has introduced its latest product, Plasma Cluster Ion Generators.

This product is an altered kind of technology, basically an air purifier. It generates the same type of positive and negative Ions and maintains pure and fresh air like the balanced atmosphere found in forests.

Sharp Plasma Cluster Ion Generators, quickly evacuates bad odours from food, pets, cigarettes, toilets and even garbage. It removes dust, prevents morning allergy and is a great aid for asthma patients. Incidentally 1/3 of the world"s asthma patients are from India.

Sharp India Managing Director Sunil K Sinha said, “Nature gives us pure air. Now let clean, fresh air grow around you with Sharp"s Only One Technology. Pure water & Fresh Air are twin pillars of life."

This product acts as nature's detergent and filters virus, bacteria, germs around pets, mould and fungal growth, pollen, dead ticks, pet hair etc. The product would be widely suited for airports, hotels, hospitals, homes, offices, airline lounges, and cars.

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