Elephants wreak havoc in Siliguri's tea garden

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Siliguri (West Bengal), Dec.4 (ANI): Over two-dozen wild elephants wrecked havoc in a tea garden in West Bengal's Siliguri district on Saturday.

The wild herd entered the Kamala tea estate in Kerseong subdivision in the morning.

Residents tried to frighten the pachyderms by beating drums and even forest official also fired in the air but failed in their attempt.

Officials said animals strayed into residential areas as humans encroached their habitats.

"The region in which the elephants use to move around previously all have been taken over by humans and so the corridor through which they move is hindered and disturbed," said Suresh Najeali, a forest ranger of the Bagdogra Elephant squad.

Najeali further said it was risky to scare animals during the day as people were milling around.

"We cannot drive them away during the day time as there are hundreds and thousands of people here but the elephant squad is alert and will drive them away at evening," said Najeali. (ANI)

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