WikiLeaks leaks about Sarkozy charisma

Posted By: Staff
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London, Dec 1: WikiLeaks cables have described French president Nicolas Sarkozy as thin-skinned, erratic, tyrannical and hyperactive. A series of classified US memos portray the president as undiplomatic and sometimes uncouth and in need of careful handling.

In 2007, barely six months into Sarkozy's presidency, wrote a note to Former US President George Bush told that, French president repeatedly rebuking his team and raising questions about a thin-skinned and authoritarian personal style.

Seven months later, after Sarkozy's got married to Carla Bruni, a note to Bush concluded that, "Sarkozy's personal popularity had plummeted mostly as a result of his 'unpresidential' parading of his personal life and his weakness for glitz an image he is now seeking to repair."

A note for Barack Obama in March 2009 summarized Sarkozy, "A pragmatist and an activist, he can be brilliant, impatient, undiplomatic, hard to predict, charming, innovative, and summit prone."

Louis appeared at the threshold with a small dog at his feet and a large rabbit in his arms, the memo said.

To shake hands with the ambassador, Louis put down the rabbit and the dog started chasing the rabbit through Sarkozy's office, chasing the dog through the hall to his office as the dog chased the rabbit, and Louis filled the room with gleeful laughter."


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