Can listening to new audio drug get you high?

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Las Vegas, Nov 29 (ANI): A web site has claimed that users of a new audio drug can achieve an altered state just by listening to a few beats.

The player, called an I-Doser, is a binaural beat generator that produces sounds that have been named after drugs like crack and crystal meth.

Those listening to Marijuana are told the rhythm could ultimately lead to the high users experience when they smoke marijuana.

According to its creator, I-Dosing is when two sounds with slightly different frequencies combine to create a phantom sound.

"It definitely could be compared to a white noise or like a tv ehhh," Action News quoted listener Lanessa Bowyer as saying.

"It's not making me high or anything it's just annoying," Brook Burking stated.

I-Doser's creator was asked what he would say to sceptics who say the simulations can't result in drug like effects. He said those doubting the effect of the beats should read one of the thousands of positive user experiences online.

The cost is about 3 dollars a dose and experts caution using anything that could be seen as a gateway into harder drugs. (ANI)

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