Italian PM gave me diamond necklace & car: Model

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Italian PM Silivio Berlusconi
London, Nov 1: A 17-year-old Moroccan model, who is involved in the sex scandal with Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, has claimed he gave her 6,000 pounds in Euros, a diamond necklace and a 70,000 pounds car.

Karima Keyek, the teenage belly dancer, told that she witnessed dinner party guests taking part in sex sessions in what the Italian Prime Minister called the 'bunga bunga' game.

But she insisted that no sex took place between her and 74-year-old Berlusconi, and said he had been like a 'father' to her, simply helping her out when she was having problems.

Their relationship is in the spotlight after it emerged that he had personally called police when she was arrested for theft and asked for her to be freed, wrongly claiming she was a relative of Egypt's president.

In an interview, Keyek said she had been one of ten women invited to a party hosted by Berlusconi on Valentine's Day at his home in Arcore, near Milan.

"When I said I was 17, he said that in the past he'd had problems with minors. He said he didn't want it to happen again. Then we said goodbye, he was polite but firm," said Karima Keyek.

"I was upset as he was the first man in my life who had not wanted to take me to bed. He was like a father, I swear. Silvio welcomed me with open arms, he invited me into his house. He was so sweet," Keyek added.

"There was no sex. He sent me a couple of messages and he said that I had left an impression on him. He said that he liked me. I replied that I liked him as well and it wasn't just because of the money," she added.


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