Prince Charles 'wants to devote his life to protecting the environment'

Posted By: Samyuktha
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London, Oct 7 (ANI): The Prince of Wales has declared that he would devote the rest of his life to protecting the environment as the 'Defender of Nature'.

"I am absolutely determined to be the defender of nature. Full stop. That's what the rest of my life is going to be concerned with," The Telegraph quoted him as saying.

Prince Charles said that it is "nonsense" to throw away traditional knowledge and subjects.

"I discovered, long ago, the demolition job that's been done on education in the last 50 years. No longer have they been teaching whole texts in English. No longer a chronological appreciation of history. And science and maths and geography-all blown apart," he said.

The Prince of Wales also spoke candidly about how it is "no fun having your head shot off all the time" by critics, adding that he believes he is "quite courageous" in broaching subjects such as Islam's contribution to civilisation.

When asked why he keeps at it, he replied, "The only reason is because I mind. I always have done. So I can only assume it's something that's sort of inherent."

The prince described how he feels compelled to speak out on issues that concern him, even though he is often mocked for his conservative views or attacked for supposedly breaching Royal protocols by "meddling" in politics or town planning.

"I think people don't quite understand how much it requires to put your head above the parapet. It's no fun having your head shot off all the time. But I just feel deeply. And, after a bit, you've been through the fire, so you become tempered, and you just expect it." (ANI)

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