Australia's quirkiest town names - Hell's Gates, Fannie Bay, Tittybong

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Melbourne, Sept 24 (ANI): Australia's quirkiest, unique and most unusual town names include Hell's Gates on the West Coast of Tasmania, Tittybong in Victoria and Xantippe in Western Australia.

For some action, the country has Diehard in New South Wale, and for those looking for something to eat, the Territory's Tortilla Flats, and Tasmania's Egg and Bacon Bay or Milkshake Hills would be the right spot.ome towns even repeat their names twice, like Wagga Wagga, Bong Bong, Grong Grong, Walla Walla and Goonoo Goonoo all in NSW, Bubble Bubble Springs in the Northern Territory, and Vite Vite in Victoria.

Then there are towns with tongue-twisting names like Jimcumbilly in NSW, D'Entrecasteaux Channel in Tassie, Ubobo in Queensland and Victoria's Manangatang and Upotipotpon.

"Woolloomooloo seems to catch everyone, and you'll find plenty of British backpackers looking for 'Cooh-gee', instead of 'Cudg-gee'," the Daily Telegraph quoted Tourism New South Wale's Lauren O'Neil as saying.

And those looking for symbolism don't have to look far with towns like Uki in NSW, which means "fern with edible roots" in the Aboriginal dialect of the area, Ozenkadnook in South Australia, which means "very fat kangaroo", or NSW's Binnaway, which is derived from a word meaning "peppermint tree wollybutt".

And then there are towns with names that are humorous, like Dunnedoo, Diapur, Mount Buggery, Burrumbuttock, Poowong and Fannie Bay.

According to Tourism Tasmania's Marianne Miles, Break-Me-Neck Hill was named after an exclamation uttered by a wagoner during his first experience of the hill. (ANI)

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