Now, smartphone app to send grumpy messages to careless fellow drivers

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London, Sept 18 (ANI): Road rage, a nuisance to smooth-flowing traffic, may soon become a thing of the past - courtesy a new smartphone app called Bump.

Sending a grumpy message to a fellow driver telling them what an inconsiderate road-user or parker they are has become a lot easier with the app, launched this week in California, where the La Jolla company is based, as part of the DEMO Conference in Santa Clara.

First take a snap of the other vehicle's licence plate using the phone's camera, reports New Scientist.

Then the new app will forward it to a database where Bump's recognition software will match the car to the owner's phone number, provided they have registered for the service.

Bump will then forward messages without revealing the phone number, effectively putting strangers in touch with each other.

The app already allows iPhone and Android smartphone users to pair devices and exchange information simply by physically bumping them together.

Drivers could use it to communicate with other motorists for more than just road rage: letting them know when their tail-light is out, or that they like a particular bumper sticker. (ANI)

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