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A good chat 'may be enough to improve women's sex lives'

By Nitsi

London, Sept 17 (ANI): Women with low sex drive might only need to talk about their problems to improve their love life, according to a new study.

Scientists discovered that a third of women who talked with doctors about sexual dysfunction later reported a greater satisfaction with their sex lives.

The discovery was made after 200 women in the US took part in a clinical trial for a drug treatment aimed at helping those with female sexual dysfunction.

Dr Andrea Bradford carried out the study at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.

As part of the researchm two thirds of the group were given the female equivalent of Viagra, and 50 women were handed a fake pill and asked to monitor their sex lives.

They researchers found that a third of the women who took the fake pill reported increased sexual arousal and satisfaction with their sex lives.

The women were not told they had taken a fake pill, but researchers concluded talking with a doctor about their problems had been a significant factor.

"All women in this study did have a chance to speak to a health care professional who listened to their concerns and, most importantly, took them seriously and really listened to what their concerns were," the Daily Mail quoted said Dr Bradford who conducted the study.

"It may be that their behaviour changed as part of getting treatment, even if the treatment itself was an inert tablet," Bradford added.

The findings were released in the Journal of Sexual Medicine published in America. (ANI)

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