Chilean miners to receive medical "survival kits" used by US-Brit troops in Afghan-Iraq wars

Posted By: Samyuktha
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London, Sept 10 (ANI): The thirty-three workers trapped in an underground mine in northern Chile for more than a month will reportedly receive new medical "survival kits," which were used by the U.S. and British troops during wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

According to The Telegraph, the miners would be provided with the with special kits, including tourniquets and bone injection guns, via the 2,300-feet drill holes that are less than 4 inches wide.

They will also receive aluminium bandages, usually worn by Nasa astronauts or people hiking through the Himalayas, as a support system to heal fractured bones.

Some of the miners would be trained remotely to help the group's designated first aid person, who has previous medical training.

Andres Llarena, a Chilean Navy officer assigned to the rescue, has said that they would be provided with medical material to help them react better in unfavourable situations.

"Most of the things have been designed coming out of the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts. This is going to be the first time we send them medical material to help themselves react better if anything bad happens," Llarena said.

Their training is expected to begin this week with a special videoconferencing system set up at the El Teniente mine site in Chile. (ANI)

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