Soon fabric that helps to climb like Spider Man

Posted By: Abdul Nisar
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Spider man
California, Aug 26: Soon you can also climb on walls like Spider Man! Researchers have developed new sticky gloves and shoes which allows the wearing to stick and climb up walls.

The researchers at Stanford University have created a new fabric which has been tested successfully on a small robot that can scale smooth surfaces such as glass and metal. The creation of the new fabric was inspired by Gecko lizards, which have the ability to defy gravity due to microscopic hairs on their toes.

Researchers created a rubber-like material covered with thousands of tiny polymer fibres to imitate the gecko's hairs. These hairs, which are called setae, are ten times thinner than a human hair and leaves no residue or damage.

Scientists are now on the way to make a version of the material that would allow humans to climb with gecko adhesive. If it marks success, it will allow someone to hang and support their whole weight.

The research was funded by the US Department of Defense's advanced research projects programme.

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