Perfect sports bras don't exist, say experts

Posted By: Nairita Das
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Washington, Aug 25 (ANI): If you have been looking for the perfect sports bra for that gym class next week, you may have to keep looking, as scientists have claimed that there's no perfect design for a supportive bra - yet.

"It's massively important because sports bra design is quite far behind other apparel," ABC News quoted Jenny White at the U.K.'s University of Portsmouth, as saying.

"Sports bras for women are just as important as shoes and socks that don't rub. ... If we want to encourage more women to take part in sports, this is something that needs to be done," she added.

Not just that, running without a bra can stress the inside of the foot.

"Breasts move in a figure eight while running. Sports bras in the past have not yet been designed to necessarily stop that movement," White said.

And over time, an ill-fitting bra can lead to neck pain, back pain and shoulder discomfort that consequently lead to breast pain and breast sag.

Australian researchers have been trying out a new design especially for busty women - an experimental bra that compressed and elevated the breasts as they might be buoyed in water.

"Maybe we need to also measure compression and also elevation. Maybe these are biomechanical factors that we should consider in sports bra design that may make women more comfortable," said Deirdre McGhee, a sports physiotherapist.

To comfortably exercise, McGhee said, women with fuller busts likely need to wear two bras - a sports bra and a crop top.

Thea Palad, senior fashion editor for Women's Health Magazine, gives some tips towards choosing the right sports bra.

"Get a fitting and get fitted often," she said, adding that breast tissue changes depending on the time of the month and as people gain and lose weight.

If you're doing yoga or tai chi, a super-supportive bra may not be as crucial as it is when you're doing kickboxing or going for a run.

Your cup size is another key consideration. Women with fuller busts might opt for encapsulated bras, which give each breast its own chamber, she said.

Palad also recommended trying out different strap styles. Racer-back and T-back bras may allow for more movement, but they often don't come with adjustable or padded straps featured on U-back bras, she said.

And when you're in the dressing room, she said, "definitely jump around, wiggle around" to test how comfortable it really would be while working out. (ANI)

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