New wireless device transmits power through armoured doors

Posted By: Nairita Das
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London, July 22 (ANI): A new wireless device developed by UK scientists is capable of sending power through armoured doors.he device can transmit power wirelessly through several inches of steel.

The developers, at BAE Systems, said that the device might be helpful in sending power and communications signals through submarine hulls or armoured doors.

The device uses very high frequency acoustics, essentially converting the signal into sound waves.

The company has started environmental tests on the technology.

This will ensure that the device will be able to work properly for 25-years and in extreme conditions required on the outer hull of a submarine.

Presently, still at demonstration stage, developers claim that the system could eventually help save millions of pounds currently spent adapting submarine hulls for the necessary communications equipment.

Doctor John Bagshaw, a technology executive from BAE Systems Advanced Technology Centre in Bristol, explained that, currently, 300 holes have to be drilled in a submarine hull to accommodate the sensors and communications technology it requires.

"In each of these holes, they fit special valves called penetrators," The BBC quoted Bagshaw as saying.

Each of the penetrators costs from 20,000 pounds to 750,000 pounds.

"It then costs up to 50,000 pounds to weld the valves in to the holes, and through their life they have to be checked to ensure that the welds aren't cracking," he added.

Bagshaw said that the technology could also be used in the nuclear and the oil industry apart from its military applications.

In the earlier demonstration to submarine commanders, Bagshaw sent power to a DVD player through a block of steel and played the film Das Boot.

"We got a top quality image, and the response from the Navy was: 'this is brilliant - we want to get it onto a boat," Bagshaw said. (ANI)

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