Chlorine leak: Cleanup operation continues at Bombay Port Trust

Posted By: Mamatha
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Mumbai, July 15 (ANI): The cleanup operation at Bombay Port Trust (BPT) entered its second day on Thursday with the number of defused chlorine gas cylinders narrowing down from 105 to just three cylinders.

"The next step after we have completed the main operation, we had the operation continued till 1 o'clock at night. At that point of the direction of wind breeze changed, and we had to evacuate the immediate hot zone because the fume started coming towards its first responding," said Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Commandant Vinay Kajla.

"The tanker, which was being used, the 14 tonne caustic soda tanker has got to be watered now, and after we have done the cooling down process, we will restart the remaining three cylinders," he added.

The authorities here said the last cylinder amongst the remaining three is the riskiest, as its valve has not been opened.

The nearby Lal Bahadur College of Advanced Maritime Studies and Research has also been closed till the cleanup operation ends.

"The current status right now, we have no idea. Only a notice board has been put saying that further notice would be given to you, you all have to contact the given phone number," said Feliz Pinto, a student

"They have provided a phone number so nothing has been told to us as of now," he added.

Earlier on Wednesday, at least 103 people were hospitalised due to chlorine gas leaking.

As a precautionary measure, people residing in and around the area have been evacuated. The cause of the leakage is being probed.

Chlorine gas is a respiratory irritant. It causes eye irritation as well as nausea, vomiting, dizziness and headache.

If exposed a long period of time and in strong concentration, it can lead to restlessness, throat irritation and excess salivation. (ANI)

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