40 young rare cobras killed in West Bengal village

Posted By: Nairita Das
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North Dinajpur (West Bengal), July 12 (ANI): Residents of Hemtabad village in West Bengal's North Dinajpur District have claimed that they have killed around 40 young rare cobras.

The little cobras were found in a house. Villagers assumed that the snakes were in a hole under the house.

Out of both curiosity and panic, several people came to see the snakes and killed them with sticks. The dead snakes were then placed in a bowl and burnt in a field.

"Naza Naza (cobra) is a rear species of snake. According to tradition, snakes should not be killed, but the villagers did so out of fear. We will look into the matter and we will ensure that it is not repeated. We are trying to make some plans to catch the snakes in future," said Apurba Sen, a divisional forest officer.

Cobras, called Naza Naza locally, are a very poisonous and rare species of snake. (ANI)

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