Oz PM Julia Gillard not hurt by 'deliberately barren' taunts

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Melbourne, June 25 (ANI): Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard has revealed that she is not hurt by comments from political opponents about her not having children.

According to the Herald Sun, Gillard, 48, said taunts of her being childless or the comment Liberal senator Bill Heffernan made about her being "deliberately barren" and therefore unqualified to run the country, do not hurt her.

Instead, she is troubled by application of double standards - no one ever asks male MPs how they expect to represent the female half of the population.

"I wouldn't say hurt, no. It doesn't hurt me personally so I don't feel personally anxious about it," News.com.au quoted her as telling the Herald Sun.

"I worry sometimes that it still is reflecting a standard that's not the same because the same questions don't get asked of male politicians.

"I can imagine it would be hurtful if I was regretful about my life's choices but I'm comfortable with my life's choices.

"Did I make every one the right way? Well, probably not. Who's to know?

"If I had my life from day one again, would I make every choice the same? Yeah, I think I'd probably make most of the same choices. Maybe a few ones would be different," she stated. (ANI)

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