Music that NASA plays to entertain astronauts on space mission revealed

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London, June 9 (ANI): NASA has revealed that it plays different music to its spacemen to keep them cheerful during the lonely days on a mission.

The US space agency plays everything from The Beatles' Here Comes the Sun as the spacemen wake up and Sinatra's Fly Me To The Moon to Walk of Life by Dire Straits and Dean Martin's song Going Back to Houston.

Nasa's 'Historical Division' has published a list of records played in space right back to the 1965 US Gemini Mission, the most recent being Empire State of Mind by the rapper Jay-Z with Alicia Keys.

"You play some lively, peppy bit of music-normally just two minutes of it-and after a pause, you hear some groggy voice on the microphone mumbling, 'Good morning, Houston'.

"You don't want to play a dirge or something uninspiring. You want to get them going in the morning," The Telegraph quoted Chris Hadfield, chief mission control capsule communicator, as saying.

Hadfield is in charge of playing wake-up music to the space shuttle. He said he once played them the U2 version of the theme to Mission: Impossible just to get them going. (ANI)

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