Drive against growing stray bulls menace in Varanasi

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Varanasi, June 5 (ANI): The increasing frequency of attacks by some rogue bulls in Varanasi has forced the temple town's Railway authorities to remove them from the Railway station premises.

The authorities have received a number of complaints by visitors to the railway station about the bulls' nuisance.

These bulls have made the Railway platform their abode and will now be removed with the help of the local Municipal corporation workers. They will be rehabilitated in neighbouring forests.

Vinod Singh, a railway ticket examiner said that the bulls were causing a lot of trouble to passengers on the Railway station.

"The bulls snatch food from the passengers and cause difficulty in walking around on the platforms. The passengers face inconvenience as these bulls stay on the platform and make the station dirty. Keeping all this mind the area manager (Railways) has called for drive against the stray bulls," he said.

The drive, however, the drive has met with adverse reactions from certain residents of the holy city who revere the bull and consider such action as disrespectful.

"The bull has a lot of importance here as it is Lord Shiva's ride. The administration is sinning against God by behaving so wrongly with them. Bulls are extremely calm animals, they don't harm anyone. They never cause destruction. They do so only if you instigate them," said Badal Jaiswal, a Varanasi dweller.

The drive against stray bulls, which began on June 3, aims at curbing the bull menace in the city which, number approximately 10,000. (ANI)

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