British Airways becomes worst UK airline to lose luggage

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London, June 4 (ANI): British Airways has topped the list of UK airlines for losing, delaying and damaging passengers' luggage, according to a survey.

The airline image has suffered a blow after the survey, as it has already endured months of strike chaos and resultant financial turmoil.

Based on responses from more than 2,000 recent flyers across the UK, the survey showed that one in 3.8 British Airways passengers has had their checked luggage lost, delayed or damaged in the last five years, The Scotsman reports.

UK-based airlines made up seven of the eight worst airlines for luggage difficulties. Virgin Atlantic was named second-worst airline with one in 8.3 passengers having luggage problems.

Third was Dubai-based carrier Emirates (one in nine passengers affected), fourth was easyJet (one in 11.1) and fifth was Ryanair (one in 12.5).

Overall in the UK only a quarter of those airline passengers whose luggage was damaged received compensation from the airline, according to the survey by insurance company LV, The Scotsman reports.

Those who were compensated received an average of just 72 pounds for their damage. Thirty per cent of travellers waited three months or more to be compensated for their damaged luggage.

A total of 38 per cent had to wait for between one week and a month, while just 20 per cent were compensated for the damage within a week.

When it comes to lost luggage, only 27 per cent were reunited with their bags within 24 hours, the paper reports.

British Airways branded the statistics quoted in the survey as ludicrous, and said: "The claims made in the LV press release are complete rubbish. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that a quarter of BA passengers have experienced lost or delayed baggage over the last five years."

Worst airlines for lost luggage

1. British Airways: one in 3.8 passengers

2. Virgin Atlantic: one in 8.3 passengers

3. Emirates: one in 9 passengers

4 EasyJet: one in 11.1 passengers

5. Ryanair: one in 12.5 passengers

6. Thomas Cook: one in 14.2 passengers

7. Bmi: one in 16.6 passengers

8. Bmibaby: one in 20 passengers (ANI)

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